Leaders and teams working intentionally to unleash their innovation potential need an effective set of skills and tools, a strategic and systematic approach, a supportive leadership and a culture of continuous learning to create their own opportunities to succeed and thrive.

Skilled Teams Create Successful Organizations

The Moment’s experience working with many organizations across multiple sectors has shown us that the way to develop and implement strategies, and design new products and services is by building internal innovation capability. We guide cross-functional teams through your critical challenges in ways which foster new approaches to innovation work.

As the first teams see success, the new practices and tools are adopted by others. This intentional, project-based, organic approach to capability building is how change happens at scale, until “innovation is just how things are done around here”.

How Do We Help?

By integrating with your team, we accelerate and amplify their capabilities right from the start, ensuring that both learning and productivity are prioritized. Together we use innovation design methods to produce key business deliverables through iterative, agile project sprints.

As your team works on real projects they are also learning to challenge orthodoxy, stimulate new possibility and look at things in new ways, thus shaping their own innovation culture.

Project Studio

Collaborating on vital projects that will ignite and advance change.

Learning Lab

Developing the knowledge and skills that will help get you there faster.

Strategy Suite

Evaluating progress to date and mapping out where you need to go.

How Innovative is Your Organization?

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They were able to see where we were going well before we did. Perhaps what is most remarkable about working with The Moment is their ability to draw out a broad spectrum of ideas and then synthesize and organize them in a way that provides concrete pathways to move forward.”

Robert Plitt / Senior Manager of Sustainability, Evergreen CityWorks