Webinar: Finding opportunities in a post-COVID world.

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After the initial shock of a shuttered economy, organizations are now preparing and planning for their transition to what’s next. In a fast-paced world, you can’t afford to wait for the new normal to emerge; you have to sense, respond, and adapt.

How can organizations sense into their new normal?


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Differentiate from the competition in a post-COVID world.

Companies that excel at becoming human-centric see more loyal customers, greater market share, and a competitive advantage. The leading organizations prioritize human centricity and a design mindset as more than a mere capability—it becomes a key strategy for standing out from the competition.

You can create resiliency by continuously listening to both customers and employees to ground your team in actionable insights and quickly respond in a post-COVID world. Let your customers’ and employees’ voices guide your decisions, and enable greater business impact. 

You should know, there is no silver bullet to figuring this out; each organization will have their own unique context to navigate.

Let your customers’ and employees’ voices guide your decisions, and enable greater business impact. 

There are, however, best practices to navigate disruption and find new opportunities. The key is to listen, respond, and adapt to really discover what your new normal looks like—and continue to keep your finger on the pulse as the new normal unfolds.


A webinar designed to help you navigate the post-COVID world.

Join The Moment for a 45-minute webinar on Thursday May 28th to learn about finding opportunities to help you transition successfully to a post-COVID world.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • What organizations can expect in the coming weeks and months—a brief overview of the post-COVID world
  • What it means to find opportunities in a disrupted market
  • Why Human-Centered Design is most suited to resuscitate your business
  • What design methods you can use to sense, respond, and adapt
  • How you can connect with employees and customers to keep your finger on the pulse
  • How you can leverage actionable insights to move your organization forward
  • How other successful organizations are finding opportunities to transition into a post-COVID market—some practical examples from the field

Join us Thursday May 28th at 12:00 noon EST to discover what you need to know about finding new opportunities for your customers and employees.

Bring your questions and challenges. We’re here to help you transition through these tumultuous times.


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