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Patrizia Locondro

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What I believe in

I believe that shared values can be found anywhere, no matter where a person comes from. When I arrived in Toronto, I was in awe at how it doesn’t feel like a city; it feels like a microcosm of the world. As someone who’s lived and worked abroad, a sense of diversity has been embedded in my own journey, shaping and reinforcing this belief along the way. I love that The Moment chooses clients whose beliefs align with the studio’s – an inspiring notion that I carry with me in my own life.

Where I come from

Born and raised in Italy, I was lucky enough to travel, work, and study across Australia, Europe, and Canada. I have a degree in English and French literature and an advanced diploma in Business Administration. I’ve worn many different hats at many different organizations, which has shaped me into a very resourceful and open-minded person.

Why I’m here

Working at The Moment, I love that I’m given the opportunity to improve the way I think, helping me to learn and grow. I’ve come to believe that seemingly small things can have big impacts – no matter what your role is, we’re all meant to support the people around us. I’m continuously learning how to be more present on projects and practices so I can better support the team. Every day brings a new source of inspiration – from the practices we employ to the projects we take on, to the industries we learn about. But at the end of the day, it’s always about the people I meet, collaborate with, and learn from that makes this place so special.

Momenteer fun fact

The magazine feature was about my love for and residence in Toronto.

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