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Jen Akkermans

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What I believe in

Community is everything. Together, we can do amazing things. We are alive to connect with each other and we do that best by helping each other, supporting each other, and loving each other. My personal life purpose is to connect people to build stronger communities and in turn, healthier lives.

Where I come from

I am a visual artist with an MFA from the University of Waterloo and a BFA from The Alberta University of the Arts. I grew up in Alberta, but have lived all across Canada, which has informed my artwork. I make houses, light boxes, and kinetic sculptures that discuss the concepts of home, belonging, and community.

From office administrator to customer service to running a non-profit arts organization to mobile escape room facilitator to university instructor to arts facilitator for people with developmental disabilities—all of these experiences have led me to take on the role of Studio Experience Lead. Here, I can use all I’ve learned to ensure a smooth and inspiring experience for anyone who comes to our downtown studio.

Why I’m here

I’m all about community, the collective good, and helping others do their best work. Working withIn a human-centered organization like The Moment that has an impact across different sectors and organizations, I feel I have ample opportunity to contribute to the world in a positive, meaningful way.

Momenteer fun fact

Sixty-five years after my Opa emigrated to Canada from Holland, I exhibited my artwork in the same placePier 21in an exhibition examining the process of making a home somewhere new.