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Webinar: How to use Culture to Set the Conditions for Success

Tiffany Elliot

In partnership with the Intrapreneurship Conference, we are hosting a webinar on November 8 at 11am to help you identify your organization’s true culture – and how you can set the conditions for moving innovation work forward successfully. Register here.

The problem is real.

How do you build a case for innovation and change? Whether or not you have a mandate, often the thing that gets in the way of any new ideas or trials is organizational culture. Efforts get shut down before they begin and even small “fast-fails” are taken as a reason to abandon great innovation work.

Culture is critical to the success of any innovation endeavour. An organization’s culture will either accelerate or hinder existing and future business success.

We all get that, but culture is also the single most challenging feature for an organization to quantify, let alone intentionally shape or change. Leaders are left with few tools to build and affect the culture of their organization in any meaningful way.


We’re here to help.

Join our webinar on November 8 at 11am. We’ll show you ways to surface the day-to-day innovation enablers or detractors that are hindering (or helping) your change efforts. We’ll surface the three elements that make up the foundation of every organization’s Innovation Culture. They are:

→ Innovation Behaviour

Normalized actions that are critical to fostering your innovation on a daily basis. These are elements such as employees’ trust to take risks, how well people collaborate, and the integration of short learning cycles.

→ Innovation Infrastructure

Elements of your culture that support innovation behaviours and activities. These pieces include elements such as having flexible work space, having resources for innovation work, and providing rewards and incentives that encourage your innovation engine to grow alongside the status quo business engine.

→ Innovation Activity

Innovation Activity includes elements of the innovation work you’re actually doing. This section includes elements such as being customer centric, testing new ideas, and continually building innovation capability.

Ask questions, learn how others are succeeding, and leave feeling energized. Join The Webcast Here.

How do you build a compelling case for innovation and change?

Don’t get lost in the buzzword that is “culture change.” We know that this sort of change doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s a complex, multifaceted challenge to tackle. Ignoring it altogether doesn’t work, either.

We’ll show you exactly how to measure and visualize both your desired and your lived culture as it relates to innovation. Visualizing these two states is essential in helping your organization make sense of the complexity. Only upon seeing it can you get specific about what to amplify, change, and build. This will catalyze thoughtful action to shape the culture that will maintain and enable your future growth and success.


How The Culture Scan Sets Your Team Up For Success

  1. Visualizes information
  2. Aligns stakeholders
  3. Shows current v. future states
  4. Accelerates awareness and understanding
  5. Sets up a clear plan of action
  6. Measures results


Ask the expert!

Join our webinar on November 8th at 11am to speak directly with Innovation Designers Erika Bailey and Daniel Rose – innovation culture experts. Ask questions, learn how other organizations are succeeding, and leave feeling energized.


Hear about others doing this work!

During the webinar, you’ll hear stories about how organizations in multiple sectors are moving the needle on their innovation agenda by addressing the culture challenge, one step at a time. It’s a big community out there, and the emerging stories will expose lessons learned, key learning moments, and successes achieved. 



Join us November 8 at 11am to identify levers for change and measure progress toward becoming a future-ready organization. You will see first-hand how to talk about culture and change within your organization, and hear real-world examples of how other organizations are using elements of their culture to set the conditions for innovation and drive real change.


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