ProgramInnovation Program

12-18 MONTHS

Foster a culture in which innovation skills and mindset are the norm

In a world of exponential technology-driven change and disruption, you feel the urgency to develop a lasting organizational capability to respond, adapt and thrive in a fast-changing future.

Our programs help leaders make innovation part of their culture and a powerful driver of competitive advantage. We work at your side to intentionally create organizational impact by weaving together strategy and project work with capability building.


  • ongoing organizational evaluation and benchmarking
  • a strategic portfolio of innovation opportunities
  • team resourcing and skills development
  • an innovation project delivery framework tailored to your industry and context
  • collaborative delivery of key projects that create results while providing teams with opportunities to practice their new skills
  • ongoing learning and coaching support for leaders and teams
  • a workplace culture that attracts and retains future innovation leaders

How Innovative is Your Organization?

Take The Moment Innovation Checkup

Understanding the balance between following a single vision and co-creation with a community is a difficult one. Being empowered with the insights, perspectives and opportunities to solve problems for audiences is a very powerful tool that can empower teams and visionaries to understand how they can marry their innovations and creations with the true needs of audiences. Pairing that with strong business models can help set any product or service up for success. The Moment is an essential partner in developing those powerful audience-first insights that can give the business a fortified advantage.

Rachel Noonan / Director, Audience Development, TIFF