The future of giving:
Reimagining the donor experience through service design

World Vision Canada, a faith-based charitable organization and long-term client, asked us to help them engage new kinds of donors through innovative fundraising approaches in order to create new sources of fundraising revenue to fund their global development programs.

We’re working with the new product development team to improve their capability to design, prototype and test new fundraising experience concepts that provide tangible value to donors. We’ve researched the landscape of donors in Canada and developed a product development framework and toolkit. With the client, we created a set of personas that represent potential donors not currently connected to World Vision giving, and we trained the team on how to apply their design tools and processes independently.

This shifted the focus of the work and product development team’s approach. Now, the donor is at the centre of the decision making and ideation processes instead of the old model of an organizational centric decision making process. There is a clear criteria for filtering in the innovation process, giving structure to decisions that were previously just based on personal taste. The new product development framework and toolkit has been shared with World Vision Canada’s sister organizations worldwide, influencing their mindset and approach to fundraising innovation.