Amplifying the customer’s voice:
Listening deeply to develop strategy

To meet the needs of its dealer network, Volkswagen Canada engaged The Moment to do a research and collaborative strategy exercise that would surface the needs of this stakeholder group, and align its executive team around major strategic initiatives.

Our approach to tackle this challenge was to start with doing in-depth interviews with dealer principals (business owners) or the General Manager of a store. We quickly understood the business challenges that they faced as entrepreneurs representing a European brand, but doing business in a very local context. The interview group represented a diversity of business sizes from single store operation to multi-brand holding companies.

After synthesizing this data into themes and priorities, we designed and facilitated a multi-day collaborative working session bringing field staff and executives together to understand the challenges and to co-create holistic solutions that would enable the dealer community to more easily do business with head office. Using the audio/video of the interviews brought the voice of the “customer” to the forefront of the work.

The results of the work were organized by a central project office that for the first time in Volkswagen Canada corporate history, were looking at initiatives and work across each of the functional areas with the customer at the centre of the work. This approach and prospective high impact projects was taken to the executive team in Germany and the Canadian office was given the go ahead to execute on multi-year, multi-million dollar operations to radically improve the dealer experience.