Embedding service design:
Incorporating human-centred design as “the way we do things here”

TELUS’ Product and Service Team has committed to a long-term journey of embedding design thinking and service design capability into how they approach product development and management. The Moment has been working closely with the leadership and project teams on multiple initiatives that range from researching and mapping internal processes and tools to customer facing prototyping sessions.

In one such engagement, we designed and facilitated a 2-day Design Sprint for customers and sales staff to co-create and prototype a “next gen” in-store experience. We developed and used tailored journey maps and templates, Liberating Structures, and role play with customers to prototype new digital tools as well as the in-store behaviour and experience. Overnight, our design team delivered a prototype design that incorporated the Day 1 concepts into something usable by Day 2.

This initiative generated immediate results that the TELUS Store team implemented right away, while illustrating some of the tools, techniques and benefits of using design approaches to service development. The wider Store team is currently engaged in a design thinking capability building program for use on future projects.