Health Care

Partners in Health:
Generating conversations to begin a new path

Hamilton Health Sciences is seeking to ensure that all populations are well-represented as they formulate their 20-year vision to reimagine the way their services are provided based on the needs of the community, and incorporating capital development. Together with the urban Indigenous community within their Local Health Integration Network and HHS, The Moment co-designed the Partners in Health event to inspire generative conversations and begin a new path.

Hamilton Health Sciences is a family of six unique hospitals, a cancer centre and an urgent care centre, serving more than 2.3 million residents of Hamilton and south central Ontario, Canada. HHS has been a client of ours since 2015, specifically working together on different elements of their Our Healthy Future initiative. With 2016 came the development of HHS’ vision for the next 20 years, and a series of community gatherings to connect and build partnerships for better health outcomes. Critical to these gatherings was ensuring that the communities HHS serves are well represented when talking about the future of healthcare.

The Partners in Health event focused on continuing a growing conversation between HHS and members of the urban Indigenous community. This event was co-created by a design team representing the local urban Indigenous community, HHS, and The Moment. Together we built a program that would invite sharing, listening, sharing challenges, and envisioning a better path forward.

It was a moving event, and a good step toward ensuring that the experience of urban Indigenous community members is honoured and addressed in HHS’ plans for the future, and, specifically, as part of their Our Healthy Future vision and planning. The design team assessed that this wasn’t the time to prototype future solutions (this can come later), but instead was the time to set a new course. For some groups in Hamilton, continuing the conversation means building potential solutions to align with future scenarios; for this group it means addressing community healing as a first step to a future of better health outcomes. Attendees put their perspectives literally and figuratively “on the table”, presented findings, shared perspectives, and built new friendships.

As a Moment story, this event was not our usual service design/innovation narrative; instead it was a way for us to contribute to the very important moments of reconciliation for Indigenous people in Canada. We feel privileged to have taken part, and to have joined our talents with those of HHS and the urban Indigenous community in Hamilton for this important moment in their journey to better health outcomes.