Urban Development

Becoming future ready:
Co-creating strategy with iterative learning and a design-inspired toolkit

Dream, an award winning Canadian real estate company with $15 billion of assets under management in North America and Europe, engaged us to help them prioritize areas of focus and how they work with internal customers in order to drive strategic vision forward.

Through a series of collaborative retreats to develop a strategy, a roadmap to the future, and a continually evolving project portfolio, we helped an emerging team work through ambiguity and rehearse the future, both behaviourally and functionally. We co-created a reflective practice to share learning, and a system for internal opportunity scanning related to product division and development. While driving these tactical process steps forward, we supported the team formation through forming, storming, and norming, allowing new practices and ways of being to be set and to stick.

The team now has a shared understanding of the vision that directs their focus going forward. They are using new practices including paper prototyping, sketching, huddles and ideation tools. They have a cyclical and iterative approach to strategy and a commitment to ongoing adaptation of plans based on lived experience, which enable them to integrate a culture of learning into future planning processes. They are acting their way into new ways of thinking and being.