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Tiffany Elliot

How do I begin to unpack all that I’ve learned in the past three weeks? Let me tell you, it’s been a lot. I’m already starting to look at the way I work in a new light. I joined The Moment at a time when this company, which shepherds organizations on their own innovation journeys, is going through an innovative transformation itself. Talk about #meta.

The way in which I’ve been onboarding into the organization is, in a way, how the Innovation Designers here at The Moment work with clients. So, in an attempt to shed some light on what I’m learning and how we work with clients, here are some of the insights from my first few weeks as Marketing Manager at The Moment.

Learn by doing.

The biggest component to joining The Moment has been to immerse myself in the practices and ways of thinking as a ‘Momenteer’. I’ve been sitting in on customer research interviews, design thinking sessions, prototyping sessions, and observing generally how these innovation designers approach the world. Even concepts like “which topic should we submit to this conference?” is approached as a collaborative team effort – using many sticky notes, whiteboards, and plenty of discussion. The outcome, however, is one that is better for it: thoughtful and impactful. I threw myself into the deep end and am learning the ways of the Momenteers by jumping in. This is the best way!

Know how you problem solve.

Before joining the team, I was asked to take a simple online “quiz.” And, jokingly, one of the co-founders said, “If you get the answers wrong, don’t bother showing up on your first day!” Ha! – No pressure, right? The quiz turned out to be a tool to help me, along with the rest of the team, understand how we all approach problem solving. I learned I am an “Optimizer and Implementer,” which means I like to take other people’s ideas, tweak them, and put them into action. Pretty good for a Marketing Manager I would say ;). This tool is called the Basadur Profile and The Moment regularly uses it both internally and with clients. By understanding how each individual naturally approaches problem solving, accounting for both strengths and weaknesses, we’re better able to understand one another produce better outcomes.

Ask many questions. Get several different answers.

The Moment, I’ve learned, is chock full of what the Basadur profile calls “Generators” – they have great ideas, and no shortage of them! When a question is posed, be prepared to get several different answers. Despite the sometimes differing viewpoints and approaches, eventually the mindsets come to together to tackle goals in the best possible way. This is true for client work as well. The more scenarios that can be generated and tested, the better thought out a process can be.

How do I begin to unpack all that I’ve learned in the past three weeks?

Trust in the process.

The Momenteers – what we affectionately refer to as the humans who power The Moment – have been kind, caring, and supportive. There’s an intentional working philosophy here that guides the culture: no one works alone. Generating, defining, optimizing, and implementing ideas are done with buddies, and that goes for work focused internally or externally. As I learn the ways of the company, I am grateful to feel the benefits of a caring and supportive workplace culture.

New person, new team.

When I came on board, the team dynamic was explained to me like this: We aren’t growing by one; we’re now a brand new team. That means the dynamics are different and the team is different. It’s not about adapting to include one person; it’s a team that redesigns itself with the addition of new people to form a new way of thinking and being. This is how The Moment approaches client work as well, using joined-up teams and the mentality of incorporating everyone’s talents to create sustainable processes that can live on. Each new group, or joined-up team of clients and Momenteers, have their own unique dynamics.

Bring your whole self to work.

Every Monday starts out by asking a simple question: How are you, really? Not what you think people should hear, but rather, how you are really feeling – personally and professionally. Everyone has a chance to share – be it feelings of joy or sadness, stress or excitement. We check in with each other and with our clients. The reason is simple: empathy and understanding for one another helps to create a more open and supportive environment. It’s also just a nice thing to do. From my perspective, it all aligns with the human-centred approach that The Moment takes and lives everyday.  

As the new Marketing Manager, I’m working on retooling the way we talk to the world and how we frame the value of organizational innovation. Prior to my arrival, The Moment undertook research to better understand how our customers feel about our brand and offering. We heard many insights; some good, some bad – all to be learned from. However, one comment stood out to me in particular. It has stuck with me as I navigate a new workplace culture and a new way of working: “[The Innovation Designers at The Moment] make you feel like you can do something when you thought you couldn’t.” That, to me, is such a powerful statement. As I embark on this new role, it’s encouraging me to take on new approaches and ways of thinking, and to push myself to live up to higher goals. I know with the help and support of this amazing team, I’ll be able to accomplish more than I thought possible.

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