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Daniel Rose

People who take on the hard work of innovation within organizations are creative, tenacious, driven, empathetic, results-oriented, systems thinkers, and detail oriented. And that list is just for starters. What a delightful blend of characteristics, you might be thinking. You also might be thinking that you’d love to find someone like this to contribute to the innovation efforts at your organization. (Or you might be thinking that you ARE that person and want to meet more of your tribe members.)

If you’re wondering how you might discover this tribe of changemakers, you’re in luck. There is a rapidly growing global community of Intrapreneurs, ie. people who demonstrate the energy and spirit of entrepreneurs, but within organizations. And here’s more luck for you….a bunch of those intrapreneurs are getting together right in The Moment’s backyard (Toronto, Canada) on November 15-17 at the Intrapreneurship Conference.

The Moment is proud to support this community of local and global Intrapreneurs at this conference. We’ll be there to learn from some leaders of this growing group and to help highlight the innovation work that is being done at Agropur, the largest dairy cooperative in Canada.



Intrapreneurship + Big Dairy

I am excited to be in conversation with Caroline Miron, the current Director, Incubator & Open Innovation at Agropur. We’ll be speaking on November 16th during the Intrapreneur Stories & Peer Learning Track at the Toronto Intrapreneurship Conference for an onstage conversation and Q&A. Join us! The talk is called “Big Dairy’s Innovation Revolution: How Agropur is Using Intrapreneurship to Re-Spark an Industry.” Some of the topics that I’m keen to touch on with her include:

  • The innovation tools, frameworks, and methods that have proven to be valuable in moving innovation projects forward
  • How the unique challenges of intrapreneurship fuel personal passion and purpose
  • How to best manage executive teams, and the tension between the excitement of innovation with the perceived risk of trying new things

If you haven’t secured your ticket yet, email us for a 25% discount code


We’ll get into these topics and a lot more. Get involved and ask questions directly from intrapreneurs and experts who are actively tackling innovation challenges. If you haven’t secured your ticket yet, send me an email ( for a 25% discount code.


How Culture Impacts Innovation

On November 8th, I co-hosted a webinar with my colleague, Erika Bailey, on the topic of The Moment’s Culture Scan. We’re firm believers that being able to visualize and surface organizational patterns and habits is key to shifting team behaviour. We’ll introduce you to the framework Erika created and illustrate exactly how you can use The Culture Scan in your organization to accelerate your innovation efforts. In a follow-up to that webinar, Dan + Erika answered the top 5 questions around Innovation and changing culture – watch the video here.


We are very excited to see this emerging trend where changemakers and Positive Deviants are being embraced within traditional organizations as Intrapreneurs. It’s got the potential of “best of both worlds”, where the resources of an organization can be utilized with the creativity and energy of the entrepreneurial mindset to keep organizations relevant in their markets. Let us know if you will be at the conference – we’d love to meet face to face. Send us a tweet, leave us a post on facebook or linkedin, or send us an email to!  

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