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[Innovation Webinar] How to Set Your Team Up For Success

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Join us on Wednesday November 7 @ 2pmEST for a 1-hour webinar focused on helping innovation practitioners frame, communicate, and get buy-in for their innovation work. Reserve your seat here. 

What do innovation teams need to succeed?

Innovation. Everyone talks about it, few actually do it.

Innovation is not just a breakthrough idea or strategy. It’s not just a new product offering or slogan. It’s certainly not just a new organizational chart with shiny values or a hip new office space. You know what needs to get done, but how do you communicate and frame the work to others? How can you ensure the innovation projects you set up within your organization actually succeed?

Innovation is about building better products and services that meet the needs of both your customers and your business. It’s a challenging discipline; it takes time and has its own learning curve. It’s part of a larger practice. And it takes more than one person. That’s why it’s so important to frame and communicate your innovation work internally.

Reserve your seat here

As innovation designers, we know what it takes to build a practice of innovation, and bring others into the work. One project at a time.

How to set up your innovation team for success

Consistently, we see the same barriers to success — across organizations and industries, in both private and public sectors — that stand in the way of innovation.

Join The Moment’s Simon Mhanna and Heather Daam-Rossi who will share what innovation teams need to successfully deliver on projects. They bring experience and insight from working in real projects, side by side with clients. They will share ideas, practices, and outcomes that will help you frame, communicate, and get buy-in for your innovation work.

Join us for a 1-hour webinar on Wednesday November 7 @ 2pmEST to learn how you can empower your innovation team.

In this webinar, we’ll unpack topics such as:

  • The art of framing, communicating, and achieving buy-in for your innovation work
  • A breakdown of some popular innovation tools and frameworks
  • How to build the right innovation skills for you and your team
  • Which simple steps you can take to activate a culture of innovation within your organization
  • How to get the right people involved in your project to help you succeed
  • The number one approach every innovation project should incorporate

Innovation is unpredictable. There is no secret recipe. But you can learn to carve out the space needed to build and test ideas, learn and pivot — and then do it again until the desired outcome is achieved. Our goal is to help you establish a better innovation practice, and set your team up for success.

…Learn the right framing to define your innovation problem.

…Learn the skills required to enable your innovation teams.

…Learn the conditions and tools to fuel your innovation work.

…Ask questions. Get inspired. Join the community.


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Your Webinar Hosts:

Simon Mhanna
Innovation Designer @The Moment
Working at The Moment, Simon helps teams adapt, respond, and lead innovation efforts and has been practicing innovation design across industries and continents for over a decade. Currently he teaches at The Institute Without Boundaries and is programs lead for the Toronto Offsite Design Festival. He works with a variety of clients in the profit and non-profit sector, including telecoms, financial institutions, health care, and education.


Heather Daam-Rossi
Innovation Designer @The Moment
As a designer, design researcher, and facilitator, Heather’s strength is in any collaborative practice — empowering people to bring their expertise forward and using design as a catalyst in order to create relevant and inspired solutions together. She brings experience working in public, academic, and private sectors across Europe and North America to tackle complex and meaningful challenges with kids, neighbours, elderly people, bankers, HR teams, innovation teams, service designers, teachers – and sometimes all together in the same room!

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