Setting Up Your Innovation Teams For Success


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Setting Up Your Innovation Team For Success.
This paper will walk you through a model based on best practices we, at The Moment, employ in our client projects. These practices are based on our own experiences, as well as drawing inspiration from innovation practitioners around the world
 from whom we have learned along the way.

We have designed this framework for you to embark on your innovation journey and to help you establish a solid foundation for challenging projects.


The foundations of our innovation project framework bring together a number of related practices and methods including:
» Design Thinking,
» Lean Startup,
» Agile Project Management,
» Service Design, among others.

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If you are a leader who has experienced how hard it can be to create innovation outcomes that stick, or an intrapreneur who has been charged with carrying the innovation agenda in a traditional organization, and you are on the lookout for inspiration to help you build your initiative on a solid foundation, this paper is intended for you.

Setting Up Your Innovation Team For Success whitepaper will walk you through a series of steps to unpack the challenge with your team and begin your journey

1- Select an innovation framework
2- Reframe the challenge
3- Map the innovation system
4- Identify assumptions and risks
5- Structure and cast the team

We are The Moment

The Moment is a Toronto based innovation studio. Our purpose is to contribute to the development of sustainable, thriving and prosperous organizations. As consultants, We serve leaders of organizations across industries and sectors to transition to a new and more intentional mode of engagement with large scale innovation problems. We seek to amplify and deepen impact through building, supporting and scaling innovation teams in order to create sustainable innovation and systems transformation.

Selected Clients

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.15.34 PM

We’ve worked with the incredible team at The Moment on a wide array of projects and each journey has been exciting and eye opening. We start with a problem and with their expertise and guidance we come out with an array of innovative ideas and solutions. The Moment’s collaborative, customer-centric approach has changed the way we approach business challenges at Dream.”

Travis Vokey / VP Business Transformation, Dream