Innovation Project Challenge

A framework to lead and deliver innovation projects


The Innovation Project Challenge is a dynamic, facilitated workshop experience in which you’ll learn and apply practices from design, business and organizational change.

You will learn The Moment’s innovation framework and toolkit, which will enable your teams and organization to repeatedly deliver successful innovation projects.

The Moment’s framework is presented in a game-like format that makes the complexities of innovation accessible to both new and experienced audiences. It creates a common language to help cross-functional teams orient themselves to begin successfully executing on real innovation projects.


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Investment in The Moment’s master innovation framework delivers: 

  • A framework to understand and navigate the complexity and ambiguity (the fuzzy front end!) of innovation work
  • A master framework that is flexible enough to incorporate new tools or approaches that are customized to your organization
  • A robust approach to design, scope and budget for your innovation projects
  • An assessment and evaluation of your current tools and methods
  • An introduction to new innovation tools and methods
  • A common, shared language for leadership and management teams to strategize, plan and execute innovation projects
  • A visual reference to track your project progress




How to Invest in the Framework For Your Team?

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We are The Moment

The Moment is an innovation studio. Our purpose is to contribute to the development of sustainable, thriving and prosperous organizations. We serve leaders of organizations across industries and sectors to transition to a new and more intentional mode of engagement with large scale innovation problems. We seek to amplify and deepen impact through building, supporting and scaling innovation teams in order to create sustainable innovation and systems transformation.


Selected Clients

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The Moment’s work was instrumental in our project success. They were enthusiastic, organized and intentional. The planning, facilitation, and the coaching on implementing a change program greatly enhanced our ability to launch a successful program. I would highly recommend The Moment for any culture or organizational change work.

Erica Proctor / ‎Manager, Labour Market and Data Analytics Unit, Ministry of Children and Youth Services