Innovation Checkup



Where is your organization on its innovation journey? Take 5 minutes to complete our Innovation Checkup and identify areas of strength and opportunity.

Innovation is a craft and a journey. Savvy leaders see it as such, and take seriously the work of making an organization ready for that journey. Fostering your organizational innovation culture begins with understanding where your organization is at today. Like any good design effort, start with discovery.


How ready are you really?


Our Innovation Checkup consists of 15 questions on Culture, Infrastructure and Activity, which help you evaluate your current state while highlighting areas of strength that could be leveraged and opportunities for improvement.

After completing The Moment’s Innovation Checkup, you will receive an email with a visual representation of your results, a description of your innovation context, possible next steps, and a shareable link. Your results will look like this:



We are The Moment

The Moment is an innovation studio. Our purpose is to contribute to the development of sustainable, thriving, and prosperous organizations. We serve leaders of organizations across industries and sectors to transition to a new and more intentional mode of engagement with large scale innovation problems. We seek to amplify and deepen impact through building, supporting, and scaling innovation teams in order to create sustainable innovation.


Selected Clients

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