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Holacracy at Work

Tiffany Elliot

You’ve heard about the organizations such as Zappos and Medium who have tried Holacracy and have famously failed. Why did this happen?

Why do companies continue to employ Holacracy despite these epic, high profile failures? And why, on the other hand, are there companies out there using Holacracy to work more effectively? The juxtaposition begs the question – why do some attempts at self-management fail, while others succeed?

Self-management as a practice has its pros and cons. As employees, managers, and organization leaders wrestle with how to drive innovation and growth, especially in the Agile enterprise and journeys to Frederic Laloux’s Teal, self-managing practices are emerging as a different way to approach work in a meaningful way. If considered and implemented in thoughtful ways, Holacracy can be a very effective and meaningful self-management process – but it very much depends on the ways in which it is enabled, and the people who live within that system and bring it to life.

Bringing Self-Management Practices to Toronto

The Moment is excited to announce we will be hosting an an evening event on January 18, 2018 in Toronto featuring renowned self-management expert Joost Schouten.  The informal meetup will focus on what it means to work in a purpose-driven organization and how self-managing systems like Holacracy might solve common business issues we all face on a daily basis.

Joost will lead us through a series of activities aimed at educating and empowering inspired business practices around self-management.

Together we will:

  • Hear (and learn) from Joost Schouten, an expert in the self-management practice of Holacracy
  • Get a better understanding of the foundational principles of Holacracy and alternative self-managing practices
  • Get inspired by the small steps we can try out in the Agile enterprise and beyond
  • Stay current with other cutting edge organizations that are looking at talent as their biggest asset for the future
  • Meet like-minded peers who are also looking for new ways of working
  • Hear from The Moment and how we’re changing the ways in which we work and self-manage

This will be a curated conversation full of insight, discovery, and actions you can ultimately try out in your organization around self-management. Come with your curiosity and your questions!

For a high-level primer on Holacracy, self-management, and what it’s all about, Harvard Business Review published a great article about the benefits and pitfalls of the discipline.

Interested in attended our Toronto-event? Tickets are now available on Eventbrite! Get them before we are sold out.

We’re looking forward to hosting a gathering of experts and practitioners and to igniting more dialogue around the topic of Self-Management in Canada.

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