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Growing Service Design in Canada

Tiffany Elliot

We are proud to sponsor the 2017 SDN Canada conference! The Service Design Network – Canada Chapter hosted its 2nd annual conference, #Converge, in Toronto on December 8, 2017. SDN Converge brought together the top thinkers, practitioners, and community members in Canada’s Service Design Community.

Building a Canadian Practice

The Moment is proud to be part of this community of inspiring designers and change makers, helping to ignite the discipline in Canada. While service design as a discipline has been maturing and taking shape in Europe over the past decades, many organizations and individuals are just now starting to get acquainted with the concepts and benefits of a truly well-designed service here in Canada.

As Innovation Designers, we are always trying to help our clients – often at large organizations, government institutions, or maturing start-ups – to think differently. We employ tools like empathy maps to sincerely understand and consider the perspectives of other; the development and use of personas to think about the multitude of individuals – and their needs and perspectives – for whom services are being designed; and we encourage clients to participate directly in customer research and co-creation sessions that bring their customers directly into the design process. These activities serve to bring entirely new viewpoints and considerations, thus enabling better services for everyone, including employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. It’s much easier to just say human-centered design, which lies at the heart of everything we do here at The Moment. And we continue to see a great community of service design practitioners and supporters who bring a new understanding and commitment to the discipline as it continues to flourish in Canada.

The Moment’s contribution

To that effect, The Moment is proud to sponsor and contribute to the content of the second annual SDN conference. In addition to attending the event, Momenteers contributed content in two different sessions.

Mark Kuznicki and Greg Judelman, Judy Mellett, and Jesús Gorriti, Plenary Dialogue

“Activating Service design in organizations”
This plenary discussion will explore an engaging series of table conversations with the help of our curated group of experts who are creating real value and real change with service design practice in their organizations. 

SDN page:

Heather Daam and Dr. Alexandra Makos, Panel Discussion

“The delicate dance between design and change within an Indigenous organization”
The panelists will share their experiences and insights gained through working with an indigenous organization and how, together, they designed online courses and worked with the team through this breakthrough change. 

SDN page:


To read up on what we thought about the event and Service Design in Canada, read more here.

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