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5 Culture Change Questions with Erika & Dan

Tiffany Elliot

Welcome to the Changing Culture Webinar After Party! Our webinar participants had lots of great questions, some of which we didn’t have time to get to. So, in an effort to address these questions, we’ve put together this extra video to talk to some of your burning questions. If you want to download the Culture Scan, click here.

Here are the questions, and a quick summary of some of the answers, Erika & Dan address in the video:

Q1: If individuals don’t have a true “let’s change our culture” mandate, how can they use The Culture Scan?

Stop talking about culture!
Use it to measure your progress in a consistent way
Culture change is not one grand sweeping endeavour – use The Culture Scan to start with baby steps

To learn more about The Culture Scan and get your innovation efforts moving, click here

Q2: How can organizations benefit from seeing their culture laid out visually on a map?

The people who can visualize problems, will be the people who get the funding to solve those problems

Q3: What’s the best way to approach culture change?

Take baby steps, by addressing change in manageable chunks
Leadership cannot roll out a culture change by themselves, but they are fundamental to the process

Q4:  How long does it take to see a culture change in practice?

There is no one answer, but can often take anywhere from 12-18 months
It’s a bit like losing weight – it’s hard work, and you might not see results for a while, but eventually there is a payoff!

Q5: How can individuals get executives involved in culture change?

Don’t talk about culture, tie it to results
Talk about the risk of not doing innovation and what experimentation looks like

The culture change webinar after party video is just a small summary of some of the great questions that came out of the webinar. Are you working on a culture change project, or looking to make an impact at your organization with innovation efforts and not sure where to start? Send us a note to to get a replay of the webinar, or ask your burning questions – we’re here to listen!

To learn more about The Culture Scan and how to navigate your innovation journey, click here.

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