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Innovation Culture

A 1-day workshop to learn proven methods of engaging your team to create the behaviours and beliefs necessary to drive an agile and thriving organizational future.



Organizational culture is a powerful force within your organization.  It can make or break your business strategy. It can attract or repel great talent. It can inspire the new, or hold tightly to old ideas. The good news? An organization’s or team’s culture doesn’t have to “just happen”. It can be shaped. It can be intentional. You can actively participate in creating your powerful innovation culture.

For the optimal Innovation Culture experience, we recommend registering with a partner or team member to begin work on a real challenge.

We can customize this workshop or develop a learning program for your organization; please inquire.

Session Outline

  • Module1

    The Power of Culture

    Define innovation culture
    Scan your current state innovation culture
    Explore how a culture supports or destroys business strategy

  • Module2

    The Innovation Portfolio

    Recognize the need for and components of a robust innovation portfolio
    Apply new knowledge to sketch a draft innovation portfolio
    Receive and unpack innovation culture success stories

  • Module3

    Everyone is an Innovator

    Explore innovation roles, from front-line to leadership
    Delve into methods and tools for engaging the network
    Collaboratively plan for innovation engagement with your network

  • Module4

    How Change Happens

    Discover the principles of behavioural and mindset changes
    Explore leveraging cultural assets for problem solving
    Map out a culture change plan in your organizational context

  • Module5

    Commitment to Success

    Learn to apply rigour to the Innovation Cycle
    Understand how to evaluate success in each phase of a culture change
    Prepare to begin your innovation journey tomorrow

What You’ll Learn

  • The current state of innovation culture in your organizationAcademy_Overview_InnovationCulture
  • What organizational culture is, and how it can be intentionally shaped
  • Tools and techniques for mapping and engaging your cultural network
  • Powerful stories of successful and intentional organizational culture change
  • Methods for evaluating success and maintaining the change momentum
  • How culture can support well-defined innovation strategy and portfolio
  • Techniques for rapidly amplifying positive and active small scale culture shifts


Who Should Attend

  • Managers and staff looking to shift their working culture to support innovation activity
  • Organizational development professionals looking to understand the fundamentals of the skills required for agile organizations
  • Executives looking to design a path forward toward an innovation culture in their organization
  • Anyone within an organization who wants to spark some meaningful change to support innovation


2015 Upcoming Session Dates in Downtown Toronto



$595+HST ($395+HST for not-for-profits and academics). $100 discount off of the full rate for early bird registration and groups of 3+. Materials, meals and snacks will be provided.

Want to Know More?

Contact: Carolynn Burns, Course Coordinator, by telephone at +1(416)558-0381 or via this form:


The Moment’s Innovation Academy

We offer a program of courses ranging from Design Thinking Fundamentals for people new to the topic, with Advanced Design Thinking for a more in depth exploration of the tools and techniques, to Design Thinking Facilitation for Non-Facilitators for people who lead small creative workshops to Innovation Culture for people who are interested in actively shaping their organization’s culture to be more innovative and creative.




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The Moment provided high-quality, thoughtful planning support and effective meeting facilitation… [They] are insightful and flexible, and are great allies in building a foundation for collaboration.”

Mary Pickering / VP Programs and Partnerships, Toronto Atmospheric Fund


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